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Sapatilhas de Ponta transformadas

The pointe shoe transformed

37 designers australianos, a pedido do Australian Ballet, customizaram sapatilhas de ponta para um leilão. Uma espécie de Cow Parede, ou Mônica Parede, com sapatilhas!

As bailarinas piram!

By Adelaide Flower House

By Akira Isogawa

By Alexis George

By Alice McCall

By Brad Ngata

By Cain & Markus

By Crystal Couture

By Discount Universe

By Elizabeth V

By Fleur Wood

By George Gross

By Ginger and Smart

By Heidi Stuart

By Kate Bowden

By Lexi Clothing

By Liade Couture

By Megan O'Hara

By Megan Park

By Michelle Leslie

By Nicholas Pike

By Paolo Sebastian

By Pelle Fisher

By Perri Cutten

By Rachel Gilbert

By Raw Pearls

By Sally Cook

By Sally Phillips

By Sarina Suriano

By Sass & Bide

By Tea Rose

by The Society Inc

By Tiff Manuell

By Tiffany Causby

By Tom Twopeny

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